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Chimney And Fireplace Cleaning Services

Important DIY Chimney And Fireplace Care Tips

Hydra Cleaning Services offers chimney and fireplace cleaning services to our communities to ensure proper fireplace and wood burning during the bitter cold winter months.

The CSIA (which stands for Chimney Safety Institute of America, gotta love acronyms!) recommends that your chimney and fireplace be inspected once a year. The reason for this (other than giving chimney sweeps something to do besides sing songs with Mary Poppins) is safety and continued proper function of your wood burning system.

Also something we look at when inspecting your system is the state of your chimney cap. This small but extremely important element of your chimney is not something to overlook. In addition to keeping moisture out of your chimney the way you need it to it also helps to keep debris out of your chimney. It is also the one thing we find, more often than not, damaged or missing (why you ask? Tornado season ring a bell?) We can replace your chimney cap if your existing one is found wanting (or not found at all, as the case may be).

Fireplace Cleaning

What’s that? You don’t have a wood burning fireplace, you use natural gas? So your chimney and fireplace don’t really need to cleaned or inspected right? WRONG.

​The same kind of buildup of debris is still possible, which can lead to the same (potentially deadly) problems. Having us conduct an inspection of your gas burning fireplace and chimney is a great idea when it comes to the safety of your family.

Sooty buildup, including creosote deposits that are a natural by-product of wood burning can, if not properly cleaned, can actually be accelerants capable of starting a fire (the kind that can burn your house down, not the s’mores kind, big difference!). A buildup of 1/8-inch thickness can be hazardous.

​To ensure this doesn’t happen, having one of our experts come to your home and do a free inspection is as easy as a phone call away. Our expert will inspect your fireplace, flue and chimney (bottom and top) to ensure there are no significant levels of buildup or blockages caused by animal nests (or decomposing animals! Ever wonder what that smell is? Could be…) or other debris like leaves or branches. Depending on the findings you may need to a have a professional fireplace and chimney cleaning service conducted.

We would like to take a moment a talk about something you can do to help keep your family safe and your fireplace properly functioning.
Don’t Burn Just Anything!

A list of things you want to avoid burning in your fireplace are as follows: everything but wood and dry, non-coated paper!

Christmas wrapping paper (tempting, we know), pizza boxes and especially foam packing are very, very bad things to burn in your fireplace. Wrapping paper and any other paper with a coating will blaze very hot and high, spilling fire and smoke into your home at a rate that your chimney can’t contain.

Foam packing is highly toxic when burned, creating black smoke that will enter your home (and possibly your family’s lungs), potentially staining the walls of your house with toxic residue.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning