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Hydra Clean Services offer excellent pressure washing to commercial properties.

A business or other facility can be judged by the outside appearance of the property. If this appearance is one of clutter and trash, dingy and oil stained parking spaces and faded lines and dirty windows, dark spotted walkways and sidewalks, all of which can have a negative impact on said business/entity.

Conversely, a fresh, clean looking parking lot and windows are inviting and speak to the care that the owners take of their property. This view may lend itself to customers associating this level of care to being well taken care of, a positive thing for any commercial property.

To accomplish this positive aesthetic, we primarily use two pieces of equipment.

The Whitco Raider 2 is a portable, four wheeled electric motor diesel-fired based pressure washing system. This unit’s setting can be adjusted to a great degree, allowing it to be utilized for a number of pressure washing jobs. The unit can be set from as low as 2 gpm (gallons-per-minute) at 1600 psi (pounds-per-square-inch) up to 5 gpm at 3000 psi.

By using the correct nozzles and other equipment Hydra Clean Services can use this excellent piece of technology to handle many of your commercial pressure washing needs.

One thing we should mention is the care when we conduct our services. Have you ever seen a sidewalk with a swirl-looking pattern engraved into it? Ever wonder what that is from? Unless the people that poured the concrete were instructed to run a comb through the wet cement (not likely), this is caused by a lack of care from someone operating a powerful pressure washing machine.

Water under the pressures created by pressure washing machines can carve into rock, leaving a “brush stroke” permanently engraved into the surface. While some people might enjoy this look (to each their own, we don’t judge) we know what typically is to blame when this happens: operator error.

We use the proper pressures and nozzles for each surface, ensuring that no damage will be caused to your property’s cement or other surfaces. Like we have said, if you can tell we’ve been on your property after we’ve conducted a cleaning (other than it being cleaner, obviously) we’ve done something wrong. That should certainly apply to causing damage that is visible for years after the fact!

For many of our parking lot cleaning pressure washing jobs we use a high power trailer unit from Aladdin. This unit is ideal for this type of important task, and can literally blast away years’ worth of grime, oil stains and other filth from your parking lot’s surface.  

This unit is easy to transport and setup, which means depending on when you schedule your parking lot cleaning service, the job can be completed quickly. As easy as this sounds, the Aladdin system still requires a trained professionally to operate carefully. The same permanent “brush stroke” that we mentioned above is possible if care and attention isn’t exercised, so we make sure to have a steady hand while operating this powerful equipment. 

For the best pressure washing in the Sallisaw or Poteau area, call us today for your free consultation!

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