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Hydra Clean Services offers carpet cleaning that utilizes advanced techniques and technology to maximum effect while not damaging your investment. Our carpet cleaning team has years of experience and a squeaky clean reputation (see what we did there?) for finding and successfully removing trouble spots. 
We use eco-friendly detergents that are harsh on stains and soil, not on the environment. This also means that when we’ve finished your carpet will be clean enough to eat off of (but please don’t, it’s kind of counterproductive) and safe enough to do so from the lack of harmful chemical residues. That might seem like a small detail, but if you’ve ever had a baby grab a snack from the floor, you can see how important this can be.

Our technology and techniques also make it possible to walk on much sooner than what you might be used to after a shampoo, while still getting to a deep down and complete clean.

For problem spots and areas of high traffic we will pre-treat your carpet before going down to the fiber to thoroughly and completely remove soil and other pollutants. Having your carpet professionally cleaned can also remove buildups of allergens like pollen, dust and mold as well as other irritants. This means not only having your house smell and look great, but enhance the air quality as well, helping your family to avoid possible respiration problems. Call today for your free estimate!

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

24hr Emergency Flood Restoration

James F. Williams Jr. began Hydra Clean Service in 1997 with a desire to be the best service for the best price. To him that means using the most effective techniques, advanced technological equipment and delivering excellent customer service. By being as efficient as possible, we can take the savings of doing our work quickly and passing on those dollars saved in labor expenses onto you, our customer.

Our commitment to our customers is nothing short of 100% satisfaction. You can rest knowing that if you aren’t more than satisfied with our work we will start over and get it right. This isn’t something we have to do very often (though you can’t please everyone no matter hard you try), but it is for your peace of mind that we make this promise. 

You can also rest in knowing that no matter what service we perform for you, we will treat your property on sight the way we would want others to treat our own; with respect and care. We vow to leave your property cleaner than we found it (kind of the point of what we do!), and to always, always clean up after ourselves. Basically if you can tell we’ve been there apart from making things cleaner, we have made a mistake and will remedy it quickly!
Hydra Clean services is also a company that is a proud member of our community. We aren’t one of those gigantic, faceless call-center places. Our staff are all local people, just like you, who visit the same grocery stores, football games and churches you do.

We also offer our customers the confidence of knowing that when they call us, they are working with an A+ rated member of the BBB, a status we are proud to hold and maintain through our great customer care.

Our integrity and fair dealing with our communities has earned a reputation that we enjoy as a quality, dependable cleaning contractor. We have every intention of upholding that reputation, and look forward to working with your family, friends and neighbors as you refer them to us after seeing the level of quality in the work we do for you! Call us to begin your relationship with Hydra Clean Services today!

When looking for a professional cleaning service that can handle you carpet cleaning needs as well as commercial pressure washing service, chimney/fireplace cleaning and 24-hour emergency flood cleanup and restoration, look no further.

Hydra Clean Services brings professionalism, training, cutting edge technology and great customer service into a balance that has made us successful in the Sallisaw area. Our goal is simple: to provide the highest level of service possible for the most affordable price on the market.

All of our services are backed by a 110% satisfaction, which means if you aren’t completely satisfied with our work we will completely re-do it. ​

Our staff will also work with you to have your cleaning service scheduled at a time most convenient for you. Having things done for your home or business should be as hassle free as possible, and we will work with your busy schedule to ensure that is the case with our cleaning services. 
We offer our services to Sallisaw, Poteau, Vian, Muldrow, Roland, Checotah, Keota, Stigler and the surrounding areas. To see if we service your area call us today!

Hydra Clean Services offer a variety of options for your cleaning needs that include:

Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Pressure Washing
Chimney/Fireplace Cleaning
24hr Emergency Flood Restoration

Commercial Pressure Washing

You might wonder: How often should you clean your chimney? Even if you only use your fireplace to burn wood in occasionally, an annual inspection of your chimney and other fireplace components is a good idea. Buildups of leaves and other debris that floats on the air can actually be an unseen fire hazard. While a chimney system is designed to contain heat and diffuse it only does so when unobstructed. A buildup of debris, as well as animal nests, can cause your system to malfunction. If this blockage is near the bottom of your chimney, the chance for the built up heat to cause a chimney fire within adjacent walls can be very high.

If your chimney or fireplace are found to be in need of a good cleaning our technicians will ensure that all buildups of creosote or soot are completely removed. This can add to the air quality of your home, removing not only fire remnants but potential allergens as well. Many people are surprised at how much a chimney or fireplace in need of a cleaning can improve the smell of a home when completed!

Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning

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The first and possibly one of the most important aspects of having an issue that can cause water damage is calling quickly. Water doesn’t stay in one place for long and will seek the path of least resistance, making its way down until fully absorbed. Calling quickly when a water emergency arises is critical to mitigate any damage caused.

Once our restoration experts arrive on the scene they will do a full inspection, assessing the situation quickly and efficiently. Drawing on their many years of experience our technicians will come up with an action plan and immediately begin the process of stopping any further damage from occurring.
For information on this service check out our 24hr Emergency Flood Restoration page (but if you have an emergency, don’t wait, call now!).


A Locally Owned and Operated Cleaning Service

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Commercial pressure washing service can add value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Often the first impression made by a commercial entity isn’t the person behind the front desk (no offense to you receptionists and secretaries out there, most bosses couldn’t find their socks without you), it’s the parking lot.

A shabby, worn out looking parking lot can inadvertently have a negative impact on your business’s appeal. Likewise, a clean, fresh looking parking area speaks volumes of said business’s attention to detail and care of their customer’s experience. The same can be said of your property’s walkways and sidewalks as well 
A pressure washing service of your building itself as well as a window cleaning service can also create a fresh look for your commercial property. Power washing can remove years’ worth of soil and other pollutant buildups that can leave your business looking old and dingy. You will be amazed at the difference having your commercial property professionally cleaned by Hydra Clean Services will make! For your perfect power wash, call us today for a free consultation!