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It’s been stated already, but it’s so important it bears repeating: Call quickly! The faster you respond to a potentially damaging water emergency, the more money and time (and headache) you will save yourself. Seriously, if you are reading this and have an emergency right now, stop reading this and call us!

If the immediate emergency has been handled (hopefully) and you are looking for a company to help you with the restoration and clean up, please read on!

24hr Emergency Flood Restoration Services

Water Damage and Restoration

After you’ve called us and we’ve done an inspection of your damaged area, we will work quickly to effect the process of restoration.

Step #1- Move Out: The first step in the process is helping you to remove any objects that would impede the process, as well as protect your belongings. Removing items from the damaged area may be necessary before an accurate inspection can be conducted.

Step #2- Carpet Inspection: A saturated carpet and the pad beneath it will continue to seep water into your home’s flooring, so an inspection of these components must be conducted to determine whether or not they need to be removed. 

Step #3- Water Detection and Removal: We will use instruments that detect water (including these sophisticated instruments: our eyes and hands) and moisture to detect any moisture that may be hidden or trapped in areas that are not easily visible. This level of investigation helps to ensure a low probability of mold growth from areas that might be missed otherwise.

Once the moisture has been located the real fun begins (fun for us anyway). We use portable and truck mounted water extraction machines to remove the water from your saturated areas after using high powered pumps to remove large quantities of liquid.

Step #4- Drying and Dehumidification: Once the excess water has been removed, drying and dehumidification can begin. We use high-speed air moving equipment and dehumidification equipment to dry all affected areas to ensure a deep down level of dryness. We monitor the progress of this step throughout the entire process to guarantee that the next step goes off without a hitch.

Step #5- Cleaning and Sanitization: When everything is dry once more (yaay!) we will begin to completely clean your home’s belongings and components like walls, ceiling and anything that moisture may have evaporated onto throughout the process. In addition to cleaning (using a number of techniques appropriate to the things being cleaned) we will sanitize all areas. This extra measure also increases the likelihood of any potential mold formation is stopped in its tracks before it can spread. We will also help you to dispose of damaged materials at this time.

Step #6- Restoration: Similar in many respects to remodeling, water damage restoration is all about repairing or replacing things affected by the accident. Dry wall, flooring, painting, carpet cleaning/repair/installation and other things are a part of the restoration efforts. Restoring your home to its pre-accident state is an opportunity (likely covered by your home owner’s insurance) to remodel areas you may have had a desire to. See there, there is a silver lining!

Contact us today to begin your restoration!